Steelmaking Inspection

Plate and coil quality is dependent on cast slab quality and line pipe quality is reliant on the integrity of the plate and coil from which it is produced. Steel casting and the production of plate for DSAW line pipe or coil for ERW line pipe are critical processes prior to pipe manufacturing. ITI provides inspection services during these crucial processes so that high quality plate and coil are available for the pipe manufacturing process. ITI will provide the appropriate level of auditing and inspection during the casting and steel rolling processes to ensure that high quality materials are utilized in pipe manufacturing.

A typical scope of inspection includes the following:

  • Manufacturing procedure review
  • Verifying chemical composition and casting parameters of steel
  • Verifying parameters of plate and coil rolling processes
  • Validating NDE of plate and coil
  • Witnessing of mechanical testing
  • Validating laboratory testing
  • Visual inspection and witnessing of production
  • Documentation audit

Steelmaking inspections are a crucial component of complete material oversight, project integrity and documentation requirements.

Pipe Manufacturing Inspection

ITI Provides unsurpassed technical support and inspection services for line pipe manufacturing. Our qualified inspectors ensure that material produced during the pipe manufacturing process meets or exceeds industry standard and client technical requirements. ITI has 30 years of experience providing technical support and inspection during the manufacture of ERW, DSAW and Seamless line pipe.

ITI will provide a team of experienced inspectors to audit and witness crucial processes during a manufacturing sequence. The scope of the inspection is different for each project and depends on the type of welding, manufacturing process and the quality record of the supplier.

A typical scope of inspection includes the following:

  • Review of manufacturing procedure
  • Review of Inspection and testing plan
  • Review of welding procedures
  • Review of welder qualifications
  • Review of NDE personnel qualifications
  • Witness of calibrations of relevant measuring equipment
  • Verification of calibrations of laboratory testing equipment
  • Inspection of coil and plate (when applicable)
  • Plate or Coil forming, edge preparation
  • Verification of welding parameters
  • Heat treatment of weld seam (ERW Pipe)
  • Non-destructive examination (Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Magnetic Particle)
  • Witness calibrations of pipe mill NDE equipment (UT, Hydro)
  • Witness hydrostatic testing
  • NDE Examination of pipe ends
  • Dimensional and visual final bench inspection
  • Marking and stencilling
  • Verification that ID and OD stencil matches bar-code information
  • Test specimen cutting and marking
  • Witness mechanical testing: tensile, charpy, DWTT, hardness
  • Mill certification/testing reports review
  • Shipping, storage and handling

ITI will propose a scope of inspection prior to the project start-up in order to clarify the processes that will be witnessed and monitored by the inspection team.

The inspection at the point of manufacture will ensure that the pipe that is delivered for you project will meet the expectations of the pipeline construction team and will minimize delays caused by faulty material.


Pipe Coating Inspection

Quality assurance inspection services during the pipe coating process ensure a proper application of powder or liquid applied coatings. Many application variables affect the properties of pipeline coatings and ITI inspection services will ensure that requirements of end user specifications and industry standards are satisfied.

ITI will provide a team of experienced inspectors to audit and witness crucial processes during the line pipe coating process. The scope of the inspection is different for each project and depends on the type of coating system and the quality record of the supplier.

A typical scope of pipe coating inspection includes verification of the following:

  • Coating information and storage of coating materials
  • Incoming pipe conditions
  • Surface preparation and condition of pipe prior to coating
  • Coating application parameters
  • Dry film thickness readings
  • Coating appearance and holiday detection
  • Laboratory testing of coating
  • Equipment calibration
  • Calibration and certification of laboratory testing equipment
  • Storage and handling procedures
  • Marking and stencil information
  • Shipping activities

ITI inspectors are familiar with all of the major coating applicators and will provide the appropriate level of surveillance in order that project requirements are satisfied.

Fabricated Equipment Inspection

ITI International, LLC provides inspection services for many types of fabricated and welded equipment used for pipeline projects. The inspection services ensure that equipment for a pipeline or refining system arrive at the installation site with all of the correct dimensions, materials and components specified by the buyer.

ITI has extensive experience with the inspection of:

  • Valves and actuators
  • Welded fabrication and pipeline spools
  • Launchers and receivers
  • Compressor stations
  • Meter stations
  • Skid mounted equipment
  • Turbines and pumps
  • Pressure vessels
  • Filter separators

The inspection process during fabrication of pipeline equipment varies greatly depending on the type of equipment manufactured, service conditions and supplier record.

A typical scope of inspection includes the following:

  • Review of engineered drawings and the manufacturing procedure
  • Review of welding procedure
  • Review of material certifications
  • Witnessing of welder qualifications
  • Witnessing of qualification mechanical testing
  • Witnessing of NDE processes
  • Witnessing hydro-testing
  • Dimensional verification
  • Witnessing of painting and coating
  • Document review

The inspection services provided by ITI will eliminate unforeseen delay due to faulty items arriving at the project site and will help to ensure an on-time project completion.