Procurement Strategy

Material selection and vendor pre-qualification is fundamental to the success of any project. Getting line pipe that is suitable for purpose from a reputable vendor is necessary to ensure pipeline integrity. ITI specializes in material selection of line pipe and can specify chemical and mechanical properties suitable for any application. Property variability between similar line pipe products is a real factor that can affect the success of a project. ITI will pre-qualify pipe mills, assist in pre-award negotiation, and specify properties essential to line pipe integrity.

ITI will ensure that only qualified bidders are considered and that they are capable of meeting the project specifications. During pre-award discussion, supplier exceptions to the specification will be clarified and addressed in order to ensure that the best possible line pipe is delivered.

An effective procurement strategy will eliminate unforeseen technical problems, cost overruns and schedule delays due to faulty materials.

Supplier Audits and Evaluations

Supplier pre-qualification is the first and most important step to receiving good project pipe and is crucial to pipeline integrity. Many line pipe manufacturers are able to produce high quality pipe while others fall short when to ensuring consistent quality. The quality of the line pipe is highly dependent on the coil or plate from which it is made

ITI International, LLC has over 25 years of experience in auditing line pipe production facilities. ITI is familiar with the technical capabilities and quality systems of every major line pipe producer and will identify the best possible supplier for your project needs. During the last decade, ITI specialists have audited over 50 pipe producers in North America, China, Australia, India, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Turkey and Europe.

ITI International, LLC is able to evaluate potential suppliers and will conduct audits of manufacturing facilities and data that they provide. ITI has extensive experience auditing coil and plate suppliers and is familiar with the capability of every major line pipe producer. It is essential to evaluate suppliers that are new to the market or have recently upgraded facilities in order to determine their viability. ITI will evaluate the equipment used to form, weld and test pipe and can pinpoint weaknesses of a manufacturing sequence in order to recommend improvements or to focus inspection activities.

An audit of a line pipe producer may necessitate an audit of the steel making facility and the associated manufacturing procedures and data.

An audit of a line pipe producer will include the following actions:

  • Review manufacturing procedures for steel making and pipe production
  • Review of inspection and testing procedures
  • Review of historical supply records for similar products
  • Review of mechanical testing properties for similar products produced
  • Evaluation of equipment used to form and weld pipe
  • Evaluation of non-destructive testing equipment and capability
  • Review of internal quality system documentation, procedures and records
  • Evaluation of laboratory equipment and mechanical testing capability

These steps can be used to quality or disqualify a potential supplier and will ensure that only viable suppliers are considered. ITI will be able to determine if a supplier is capable of producing material for your project and will be able to make recommendations to the supplier and the end user in order that project requirements can be met.


The specification presented to a line pipe supplier is a crucial document that conveys material requirements exceeding industry standards. When requesting pricing from line pipe suppliers, the specification must clearly address all of the material requirements.

API 5L addresses minimum requirements of manufacturing and testing for line pipe producers but does not ensure that high quality pipe is produced.

Many existing specifications do not address all pipe making processes and fail to give pipe suppliers an accurate description of material requirements. Project requirements will be marginalized from a poorly conceived specification generally resulting in re-negotiation and additional project costs.

ITI can review existing specifications and recommend changes and additions that will clarify material requirements. ITI can develop project specific or general specifications for line pipe if existing specifications are inadequate.

Welding Support

ITI International, LLC has over 30 years of experience developing, qualifying and inspecting welding processes used in the energy industry.

ITI has successfully developed welding procedures for many facets of the oil and gas industry and has been instrumental in the development of wire and flux technologies for use in critical applications. Pipeline welding technology has become increasingly critical with the development of new line pipe grades. Grades of X-80 and higher which demand complex welding consumables are becoming standard to the gas transmission industry. ITI will specify welding procedures particular to the pipeline grade and service conditions of any project.

ITI provides welding consultation applicable to both manufacturing and construction environments and will provide certified welding inspectors to witness welding qualifications trials and to qualify production welding.